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The centers along the M1 Corridor could benefit from company relocations. Rising demand for broadband connectivity and the desire to have rapid access to information mean that increasingly landlords are expected to take account of the new technology in their development programmers.

The principle has particular relevance to serviced offices and multi-tenanted accommodation, where tenants are provided with fast access to full bandwidth at significantly reduced costs.

Demand for serviced offices has been rising, as occupiers want more services to support the running of an efficient office, while they focus on their core business.

Similarly, broadband connectivity allows large office occupiers, such as banks, government agencies and utilities, to meet business needs on a much wider scale by allowing large transference of data between sites.

Furthermore, by buying bandwidth wholesale and selling retail, there is also scope for generating additional income. The new technology should help the development of new markets. A telephoto or collocation facility is a warehouse full of servers on switches located in close proximity to the fibred backbone and power. What telephotos offer are a combination of cost cutting, efficiency and an enhanced form of web hosting a Leading Conveyancing.

For a company to set up its own internet and intranet facilities it would have to go through a process of buying all the technology, servicing it and upgrading it. Furthermore, it would need to ensure that it can achieve “redundancy” – this means that if a component breaks down, it is redundant anyway, because the company would have another as replacement.

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The cost of technology and floor space is clearly substantial, as is the technical know-how. Over the past decade, the impact of the IT revolution has been more apparent in the South East, affecting London as well as centers along the M3, M4 and M25 motorways.

Property Conveyancing Rates The radical changes that are currently taking place and the emergence of new property types are to some degree the second stage of this process.Existing and available power supplies are indeed the biggest determinants in location decisions and that is why the majority of collocation facilities have been concentrated in the Docklands area.

However, the power supply in Docklands is nearly exhausted and telephotos are being pushed out further to the City. The predicted growth in e-business over the next few years means that more cities across the UK are being considered.

The centers along the M1 Corridor are well positioned to benefit from the growth of this new sector due to good transport links and accessibility to airports. Provided cabling and power are in place, the decision about where to locate will be determined by occupancy costs, availability of premises, proximity to a large base of workers with IT skills and easy access for clients to use the collocation facility.

With rental values in Docklands, the City and most of the centers in the Thames Valley now in excess of £30.00 per sq ft, collocation providers will increasingly be looking to take space in alternative locations where the cost of accommodation is lower. The M1 locations are well placed to take advantage of the overspill in demand.

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The property industry has responded slowly to the requirements of collocation operators, with facilities at present comprising refitted industrial or office accommodation with some purpose-built facilities. However, a number of new initiatives such as the redevelopment of the Wimbled Stadium and Elstree Station as well as new office schemes at Centennial Park and Imperial Place, Borehamwood, are increasing occupier interest and boosting investor and developer confidence.

A total of 240,300 sq ft has been taken up over the past nine months of this year in Elstree and Borehamwood. Elstree House, Elstree Way: Symphony Plastics Ltd has taken 3,430 sq ft of office space on a new ten year lease or authorized conveyancer.

Silver Screen, Elstree Way: Pinnacle Insurance has taken 19,000 sq ft of office space at £19.00 per sq ft. 49 Theo bald Street, Borehamwood: Paradise Computers (UK) Ltd has purchased the freehold of this 4,320 sq ft property from SEC Pension Fund for £572,500.

Sterling Exchange, Sterling Way: Dodhai Fund has purchased the 10,500 sq ft property from Carlton for £750,000. Maxwell Road, Borehamwood: Mercury One 2 One has taken 85,000 sq ft at £18.50 per sq ft.

Britannic House, Sterling Way: Saftstore plc has purchased the office and industrial property from Cromwell Holdings for £2.7m. Waterfront, Elstree Road: ARC Cores has taken 22,550 sq ft of space at £12.50 per sq ft.

Dixon House, 2-4 Empire Way, and Wimbled: Ballston Properties has purchased the 36,500 sq ft building from Tees land Group plc for £1.475m.

Cervantes House, Headstone Road: Travel Protection Group plc has taken 8,420 sq ft on a 25 year lease at a rent of approximately £11.00 per sq ft. 132-134 College Road, Harrow: 1,540 sq ft has been leased by Lawrence & Co on a ten year lease at a rent of approximately £9.00 per sq ft.

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While prime, new accommodation is in short supply, there are a number of second-hand premises currently available including Wimbled Point (5,500 sq ft), Premiere House, Elstree Way (12,200 sq ft) and Sterling Way, Borehamwood (16,100 sq ft).


Centennial Court, Elstree: comprising three units, due for completion shortly. Following a pre-let to Buhler last year, it will offer 45,000 sq ft of high quality office space. Imperial Place, Elstree Way: Capital and Counties has applied for planning permission to build a further 125,000 sq ft of space, which will take the total net office accommodation at the site to 225,000 sq ft.

Wimbled Complex: Wimbled is examining options to develop the 50-acre site around the Wimbled stadium. Proposals include retail, offices, leisure, hotels and conference facilities.

However, take-up has been dominated by second-hand stock, reflecting in part the relative lack of new development in recent years. Rental values have risen in response to a strong letting market and a lack of supply of new accommodation.

Prime rental values are lower in Wimbled and Harrow at around £18.00 per sq ft. Steady take-up of space has led to a fall in supply of space and the acute shortage of premises means that finding the right product is becoming increasingly difficult for occupiers.

However, developments currently in the pipeline will help to increase occupier choice. A number of key transactions have been concluded over the past few months.Leaves den Park, Leaves den Green: BT has taken a pre-let on 190,000 sq ft on a 17 year lease.

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 BT has also the option of future expansion at this site. Cantina, Clarendon Road: Ralph Lauren has taken 16,000 sq ft on a 15 year lease at £23.75 per sq ft. Radius, 51 Clarendon Road: 3i is taking approximately 14,000 sq ft subject to a sub-letting of 4,000 sq ft to Abbey National.


As Low cost conveyancer services in Brisbane, ETS has taken 19,700 sq ft on a 15 year lease at £23.50 per sq ft and McLarens has taken 8,190 sq ft on a ten year lease also at £23.50 per sq ft. 30 Clarendon Road: Options Employment Ltd has taken 2,050 sq ft at a rent of £20.00 per sq ft.

Beatrice House, Croxley Business Park: Shell Pension Trust has bought 24,500 sq ft from Ashley Property Limited Partnership for £5.5m at a yield of 8.2%.Iveco Ford House, Station Road: M25 Orbital Limited Partnership has purchased 75,000 sq ft for approximately £17.1m at a yield of 9.12%.

With supply of second-hand space also limited; the market has seen the return of development activity. Two speculative buildings developed by Anglo Lemon and Argyll have now been completed.

Terrace Hill’s 25,050 sq ft Cardinal Point at Rickmansworth, due for completion shortly, is reputedly under offer. Centinal, 46 Clarendon Road: Hunting Gate and Equitable Life are speculatively developing 40,300 sq ft of offices. Star House, 69-71 Clarendon Road: BBC Pension Trust is speculatively developing 60,000 sq ft.

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Clarendon Road: Terrace Hill is planning to develop 61,890 sq ft. Lucid us, 41-43 Clarendon Road: Frogmore and Argyll are speculatively developing 55,000 sq ft of offices. Centennial Court: Slough Estates’ four unit scheme of 55,000 sq ft completes in November 2000.


Whitney Place: pre-let opportunities at Maple Cross for 83,000 sq ft. Prime rental values have increased over the past 12 months to stand at £24.00 per sq ft in the town centre and £21.00 per sq ft out-of-town.

Steady take-up and limited development activity in recent years have led to a fall in availability. This has been most marked for Grade A space. The most important transaction this year has been the letting of Alagar – the new development by Anglo Lemon and RREEF.

Alagar: Marco Petroleum Ltd has taken 22,450 sq ft on a 15 year lease at a rent of £20.50 per sq ft.Keystone Building, 60 London Road: CDI Anders Elite has taken 2,600 sq ft on a six year lease at a rent of £18.00 per sq ft. Modern Technologies In Conveyancing Sydney.


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To make it compulsory would be anticompetitive. If there is a standard lease publicly 5 available, it would allow would be tenants to assess a lease they were being offered against the standard.

As it is a commercial arrangement, what is known these days as B2B (as opposed to B2C), advisors and representative bodies of retailers can ensure that the lease is fair and equitable? Having a model will greatly assist this like E Conveyancing Melbourne.

We are not persuaded that public corporations need be included in the Act, but that is the case in NSW, and for consistency we can accept their inclusion. However most leases in Shopping Centers involving franchisees are in fact held by franchisors, and Property Council believes that the relationship between franchisees and franchisors ought not to be regulated by the Retail Tenancies Reform Act.

It may be appropriate to remove this rule outside shopping centers so long as its removal does not apply to commercial buildings.

There is simply no good reason to change this rule within shopping centers.Property Council has already proposed an improved dispute resolution scheme. We would support any measures which sped up access to justice and reduced costs and uncertainty for all parties.

Property Council unequivocally opposed this proposal. It is quite unclear what the problem is that this measure purports to address.”There are two alleged problems that it might seek to address.

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Great Portland Estates Plc have acquired 14 retail investments fronting their existing shopping centre at Burnley for £5,900,000 from clients of Legal & General Property Limited The Investment currently produces a total income of £426,594, which produces a net initial yield of 6.87%, rising to over 8%, based upon Zone A levels of between £43 and £72 Zone A has continued its expansion with the recruitment of three new people.

MEPC and Scottish Widows have today announced a £205m property swap his provides the opportunity to redevelop a ‘virtual island’ site in the heart of the City core with potential for over 100,000 sqft of offices over six floors.

Costco will acquire the bespoke facility on a 7.8 hectare (19.7 acre) site. The 14,400 sqm (155,000 sqft) depot will be fully operational by the end of August Costco’s land includes expansion space for a further 9,290 sqm (100,000 sqft) The company shortlisted a number of sites in the Midlands before choosing Magna Park for the depot that will serve Costco’s network of warehouses across the UK Gazeley’s willingness to consider a land deal.

There are a number of compelling reasons why we should not have tenancy in perpetuity. Tenancy in perpetuity or security of tenure represents the abolition of fundamental property rights. Again, any unfair business practice, any rough justice at the end of a lease, any relocation, and redevelopment is better and more effectively dealt with by a proper complaints resolution arrangement, and by unconscionable conduct provisions.

Property conveyancer Adelaide cost security of tenure will adversely affect shopping center performance and therefore returns…Labor’s Small Business Policy said the review was intended to result in “reasonable security of tenure” for retail and commercial tenants.

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It was made a few days before the election without any prior consultation with the industry and without any opportunity for the industry to explain the shortcomings of the policy.Our chief concern is the proposal for security of tenure – in effect transferring control of property from the owner to the tenant. This extreme approach is out of all proportion to the problem it is supposed to address.There are already appropriate legislated protections for small business tenants at the end of the lease, including an action for unconscionable conduct.

Victoria will be out of step with other leading Labor States who have recently reviewed their tenancy legislation and have specifically rejected security of tenure Security of tenure is contrary to National Competition Policy as it restricts competition for retail space. It will be a major disincentive to investment in property in this State as asset values and returns on investment are eroded and depreciation deductions.

The consequences for tenants will be the opposite of that intended – small business tenants will have less not more security. Centre managers will be reluctant to take on unproven performers. Investors in retail and commercial property will receive lower returns from their investment, including 1.75 million Victorians whose superannuation is held in industry funds.”Comparable jurisdictions in Australia and overseas do not provide any precedent for mandatory security of tenure.


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The property industry is not opposed to justifiable changes to the retail lease legislation but we contend that solutions proposed must be relevant to the problems they are intended to address. These problems need to be clearly identified and quantified.

Practical businesses solutions need to be developed that are in proportion to the identified problems and agreed between the key parties.”The Property Council and the Shopping Centre Council remain willing to discuss ways the tenancy legislation in Victoria can be improved,” “but cannot accept the attack on our fundamental business responsibilities that security of tenure represents.

The claim depreciation security of tenure should be removed from the objectives and terms of reference of the forthcoming review.

The following briefing paper focuses on retail property as this is where the effects of the Government’s security of tenure proposal will be most felt.

The Retail Tenancies Reform Act also covers many commercial (office) spaces because of the way it defines retail services.

“This causes unnecessary complexity and cost for commercial owners and tenants.” From the Property Council’s point of view, an important outcome of the forthcoming review of the legislation will be the removal from the Act of commercial property.